Our Programs

The Nakoa Foundation is an education-based  IRS Recognized, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social tolerance and environmental responsibility through the perpetuation of the cultural traditions and practices associated with the traditional Hawaiian Canoe.

Nā Pe'a is  a youth program designed for students between the ages of 11 and 18.  Fundamentals of sound Leadership and effective stewardship of Land and Marine resources are explored through the use of traditional Hawaiian sailing canoes.

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He Hawai'i Au is a "hands on" experience designed for older students and adults where participants  learn about the  design, operation and traditions of the Hawaiian Canoe.  Through this program the Nakoa Foundation also  provides presentations to civic groups, schools and  cultural festivals

He Hawaii Au

He Make'e Wa'a is a Hawaiian Canoe research and curriculum development initiative that supports our programs.


What's With The Canoe?: 

The limited space on a canoe confines people of different temperaments into very close quarters.  Without a shared set of values or patterns of expected behavior, differences of opinion and perceptions  quickly erupt into conflict. Unresolved conflict on an ocean voyage leads to death.  Hawaiians, being a seafaring people, developed cultural values that were designed to reduce conflict.

It is these cultural values and traditions that the Nakoa Foundation's programs focus in on.


Our Core Values:

One's "World View" provides the social framework within which values such as "Good" or "Bad" are defined. These values direct the manner in which humans conduct their daily lives. "Core Values" carry with them expected patterns of behavior. This predictability reduces stress, misunderstanding, and conflict. These are our core values:


Who is the Nakoa Foundation

In the Hawaiian Language the phrase 'O wai kou inoa? is used to ask for someone's name. "O wai " means" who?"  This question literally asks "Who" is your name?  Understanding "who" someone is allows for a better relationship. This is Who we are.