ALOHA:  To share one's Ha (breath of

                  life/soul) on a spiritual level


MAHALO: An appriciative state of mind


MALAMA: To care for by becoming Ma'a 

                    (totally familiar with) so that 

                     care can be conducted with 

                     Lama or wisdom


PONO:  To be balanced 


KOKUA: To do the right thing at the

                right time for the right   

                reason and to do it without 

                being asked.                                


KULEANA: Right, responsibility, liabilty 

                      obligation. With every right 

                     comes a responsibility


HA'AHA'A: Modest, unpretentious, 



LOKAHI: To become one. To bring what 

                  appears to be contrasting 

                  elements together to form a 

                   functioning whole


AHONUI: Many breaths, to tolerate,

                   patience, to allow things to

                   become aligned before acting


MANAWANUI: Much time, patience, 

                           perseverence, steadfast

Core Values



The limited space on a canoe,physically and mentally, confines people of different temperamants into very close quarters. If the people on the canoe do not have a common set of values or patterns of expected behavior, differences of opinion and perceptions quickly erupt into conflict. Unresolved conflict on an ocean voyage very likely will lead to death.


​ Many of the "core" Hawaiian values developed over the centuires were designed to reduce conflict



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Significance of  the Canoe